GUS gets a Web makeover!

Today’s the day we’re launching our all-new GUS website! We’re celebrating in style and happy to welcome you to our completely revamped online platform.

This site has several new features including a brand new section exclusively for the public that are brimming with helpful information. Get tips on how to prevent loss and damage as well as learn what to do if water, fire, oil, or anything else ever causes you grief—invaluable advice to start heeding today and to share with friends and colleagues!

With this new platform, GUS is leading the way once again by suggesting a prevention approach that keeps troubles at bay. As the biggest group of damage restoration professionals in Quebec, we believe it is our responsibility to inform the public of what to do to reduce the risk of loss. A little bit of knowledge can go such a long way!

All of this great advice, information, and more is yours to enjoy in a user-friendly environment inspired by the latest practices in Web design and navigation.

Our site is already adapted for tablets, and a smartphone app is coming this spring. Happy browsing!